GK-12 Project Goals

UCD GK-12 Goals:

  • Improve the communication skills of the GK-12 fellows by having them assume an active role as visiting scientists and mathematicians in K-12 classrooms and as positive role models for middle school students
  • Improve team building in science and mathematics for GK12 fellows in order to prepare them for collaborative, interdisciplinary, multicultural research, teaching and service within a global community
  • Enhance the quality of science and mathematics education in middle schools, particularly those within the program's partner districts by providing an opportunity for middle school teachers to increase their content knowledge and explore best practices in mathematics and science
  • Foster ongoing, mutually beneficial partnerships between the university and area school districts to continually enhance science and mathematics education

NSF GK-12 Goals:

  • Enhanced understanding of their own research subject area, and its societal and global contexts; Improved communication skills of STEM subjects with technical and non-technical audiences, leadership, team building, teaching capabilities.
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers in both STEM content and pedagogy; and enhanced learning and STEM career interest for students
  • Transformation of graduate programs; strengthened and sustained partnerships with local school districts, industry, and non-profit sector, etc.; enhanced institutional impact of graduate education to society