International Collaboration

The forces of globalization have shaped a world that is organized and operates much differently than it did fifteen years ago. Global interdependence is a fact of life, with broad implications for civic, political and economic matters. The GK-12 Transforming Experiences provides GK-12 fellows, K-12 teachers, and UCD faculty mentors the opportunity to broaden their understanding of effective mathematics and science teaching through exploration of China's framework of P-20 education. Through interaction with Chinese University faculty and K-12 educators, participants are able to better understand and evaluate the international and cross-cultural context in order to examine the economic, social, and political influences on the teaching and learning of science and mathematics.

Select GK-12 participant teams (TELCs) will travel to China during the following year of his/her/their participation to collaborate with Chinese University Research Faculty in specified areas of research, talk with Chinese educators, and experience first-hand the K-12 Chinese education system. Through these visits, the GK-12 project will work toward establishing and maintaining future international STEM research collaborations.

International Partners

East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Jiangsu Institute of Education (JIE), Nanjing, China