External Evaluator

Linda Fredericks
Research Associate, RMC Research
Linda Fredericks is the evaluator for the GK-12 Transforming Experiences project. She joined RMC Research in March 2005 and brings to her position more than 20 years of experience in education, training, and nonprofit management. She is skilled in qualitative research and evaluation methods, project management, writing, and school-community collaborations. Ms. Fredericks is part of RMC's service-learning team and assisted in the evaluation of Project SHINE, a nationally recognized intergenerational program that connects students at 18 higher education campuses with elderly immigrants who are seeking to learn English and pass their citizenship exams. She is project manager for a Teaching American History (TAH) grant in Vermont and previously directed evaluation for a TAH grant in New England. She served as project manager for a 3-year evaluation of the New Mexico Character Education Partnership, a federally funded grant program designed to enhance the use of the effective character education strategies in districts throughout the state of New Mexico. She has contributed qualitative analyses to other projects at RMC Research including the AIM Alliance, Virginia Learn and Serve, Texas Community-Higher Education-School Partnerships (CHESP), University of Nebraska-Lincoln Math in the Middle Institute Partnership, Aurora (CO) Quality Reviews, and the Carnegie Corporation Civic Engagement Study. Before her affiliation with RMC Research, Ms. Fredericks worked as a consultant to the National Center for Learning and Citizenship (NCLC). She examined the details of sustainability in each of the five states funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Learning In Deed initiative and authored the study, Learning That Lasts: How Service-Learning Can Become an Integral Part of Schools, States and Communities. As a writer for the Education Commission of the States, she coauthored an article for state policymakers on urban superintendents' experiences titled "State Support to Improve Urban Student Achievement" and also investigated the effectiveness of different models of comprehensive school reform for the publication, Comprehensive School Reform: Five Lessons from the Field. Prior to her consulting work, she directed a national nonprofit organization dealing with substance abuse prevention and health promotion and served as a student services administrator at a Denver-area community college. A native of Chicago, Ms. Fredericks received her B.A. in Education from the University of Colorado and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University.
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