Internal Design

Communication Enhancers

  • The internal evaluation design for the project is utilized for the benefit and enhancement of the Residents' communication skills. Over the course of the project year, Residents will implement four inquiry-based lessons within the classroom: 2 discipline specific lessons and 2 inter-disciplinary lessons. Once a semester, an experienced STEM faculty member called Communication Enhancer (CE) visits the classroom during a lesson implemented by the Resident. After the observation, the CE provides constructive feedback to the Resident and LT about his/her observations. The first evaluation occurs during the first implemented lesson in November, and will focus on the Resident's ability to communicate content and research to the students. The second evaluation occurs during the inter-disciplinary lessons implemented in the spring semester. Evaluation and discussion will include topic areas such as: organization, accuracy, relevance, logic, language, equity, delivery, audiovisual aids, use of time, questions, presence.
  • In addition to feedback from the Communication Enhancers, the Residents are required to complete a lesson reflection form about the lesson implementation and thoughtfully reflect on many aspects of performance, learning and teaching styles, communication, and evaluation. This reflection is then reviewed by both the Lead Teacher and Resident together, to better improve the communication of the Residents.

Workshop & Project Feedback Questionnaires

  • In order to improve the project and experiences of the participants, you will be asked to complete feedback questionnaires after workshops & orientation, mid-year of the project, and at the end of the year.

Mid-year Participation Evaluation

  • Residents and LTs will be evaluated mid-year by the GK-12 Staff regarding their participation in the program and fulfillment of requirements.

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