A limited, representative sample of GK-12 Transforming Experiences activities is observed each year to monitor professional development and project implementation over time. The following project activities are for systematic observation for the duration of the project and throughout the course of the evaluation.

  • Summer Workshop Training. This yearly, intensive workshop involves Residents, middle school teachers, faculty mentors, and project directors. It is designed to prepare all participants for their role in the project during the upcoming year. A brief exit survey is given as well.
  • Midyear Lesson Planning Workshop. At the beginning of the second semester, Residents, Lead Teachers, faculty mentors, and project directors reconvene to discuss progress towards project goals and create lesson plans for use in the classrooms. A brief exit survey is administered.
  • Classroom Observations. At the beginning of the fall semester and at the end of the spring semester, classrooms are observed to determine the integration of the graduate Resident into classroom activities, the engagement of students, and the collaboration between the graduate Resident and the Lead Teacher.
  • Program Meetings. At least four management team meetings a year and one graduate Resident meeting a semester are observed to gauge the progress of grant objectives and illustrate the process of decision making around grant objectives and activities.