GK-12 Team to China 2008

In November 2008, Mike Jacobson (PI/Mentor), Carole Basile (Co-PI), Bryan Wee (Co-PI/Mentor), and Katie Den Ouden (Project Manager) traveled to China to meet and collaborate with various Universities and Educational Institutes. A very warm welcome from Jiangsu Institute for Education (JIE) and Dr. Hua (pictured above right) proved our future International relationships to be quite promising and beneficial. In addition to JIE, we hope to establish collaborations with other institutions in China that will support the Residents' research and teaching experiences as part of the GK-12 program.

Ultimately, through international collaboration and education experiences, Residents, Faculty Mentors, and Lead Teachers will be better able to appreciate the ways of learning in a global society, as well as be more prepared for increasingly diverse classrooms. Moreover, institutional and community collaboration through research experiences with international faculty can help Residents become better mathematicians and scientists and extend their research parameters. Lastly, the GK-12 project hopes to extend the U.S. K-12 classroom experiences in math and science to other cultures and students.