Residents Craig Tennenhouse & Jeff Larson visit China

In June 2009, Residents Craig Tennenhouse and Jeff Larson visited East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai, China. Most of the Resident's time was spent taking in the culture and talking to local graduate students and faculty about academic life in China. Both Craig and Jeff gave presentations of their own research to the mathematics department at ECUST (see pictures to right), and spent time discussing current research in their respective fields with faculty members and graduate students. Craig also had the opportunity to look at some problems outside of his own research area. The Residents found that everyone they encountered in the department read and wrote papers in English, which made working through problems much easier for the both of them. Outside of the university, Craig and Jeff visited a local middle school, and toured around Shanghai and the surrounding area. The Residents found the city to be surprisingly easy to get around in spite of the conversational barrier, the people extremely friendly and accommodating, and the food an interesting experience.

Overall, the traveling experience influenced the Residents research, enhanced their understanding of STEM and education cultures internationally, and created life-long collaborations for the Residents and GK-12 Transforming Experiences Project.