Annual NSF GK-12 Conference

The GK-12 Transforming Experiences Project attended its first Annual NSF GK-12 National Conference in March 2009. Mike Jacobson (PI), Jeff Larson (Resident Scientist), and Katie Den Ouden (Project Manager) attended the three-day conference in Washington, DC, and came away with a renewed passion and vision for the project. During the conference, several breakout sessions were found to be very beneficial, as well as the welcome dinner, guest speakers, and plethora of networking. Because of the high quality work and exemplar performance during the first UC Denver GK-12 9News piece, the Annual GK-12 Media Award was presented to our project at the welcome dinner (see picture of award above). On the final day, Resident Jeff Larson was selected to present a lesson titled "Introduction to Optimization: Water Balloon Launch". Finally, in their spare time, they took in the sites and history of the city.