Denver Museum of Nature & Science Field Trip

Resident Mathematician Debbie Batista, Lead Teacher Kathy Brown, and 10 Everitt Middle School students visited the DMNS in May 2009 as a culmination to a special math project on geological timelines. Early in the semester, Batista began a unit on geological timelines where students participated in inquiry-based learning by conceptualizing how scientists use ice cores, tree rings, and corals to determine what the climate was like thousands of years ago. Then, each student was randomly assigned a geological era and gathered information on his or her era to present to the class (incorporating number sense - dealing with millions to billions of years). Through inquiry and introduction to C-14 dating and exponential decay, the students then discovered how scientists further determine the age of the earth and early life forms. The students reported much enthusiasm for the field trip and stated that the experience helped them to tie all of the information together through visual, audible, and tangible learning.