STEMapalooza 2008

In October 2008, UCD's GK-12 Residents participated in STEMaplaooza, an event to bring together educators, students, and industry to gain interest and foster awareness about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in the state of Colorado. The event, held at the Colorado Convention Center, was a huge success and a great experience for our GK-12 Residents. The event brought in a total of 6,000 participants including K-12 students, college & graduate students, STEM industry, and government and policy makers. Over the 2-day event, each Resident demonstrated a hands-on, inquiry-based activity to K-12 students. Some of the activities included paper chromatography by Resident Scientist Chelsea Campbell (above left picture), creation of slime by Resident Scientist Rachel Fiala (above right picture), and utilization of imaging techniques and mathematics through PhotoBooth (Macbook) by Resident Mathematician Matt Nabity (above center picture).

Additionally, to help represent the statewide GK-12 presence, UCD's GK-12 was joined by CU Boulder's GK-12. Students and attendees showed great interest in the GK-12 project as well as the hands-on experience provided by our content experts (GK-12 Residents). Overall, the GK-12 participation at STEMapalooza was a huge success with plans for next year's GK-12 involvement already underway.

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