Resident Workshop 2009: Teaching & Learning in P-20 Education

In June 2009, the 2009-2010 GK-12 Residents gathered for an intensive 3-day workshop on the intricacies, difficulties, and developments in preschool through college education. Several guest speakers from the School of Education & Human Development at UCD joined us to provide information and experience about language and the cultural impact on learners, learners with special needs, and assessment in middle school and the college level.

Additionally, Residents explored their own and each other's learning styles, uncovered some of their views and biases of education through a human likert scale (picture above left), collaborated within their research areas to develop communication skills to explain their research to a variety of audiences (center & right pictures), and each created an exciting introductory video and poster to be displayed in their middle school classrooms. Overall, it was a time of bonding and learning that all of the Residents found valuable.