Past Participants

Middle School Partners

Drake Middle School

Drake Middle School is located in Arvada, CO and serves 7th-8th graders in the Jeffco Public Schools District.

Mission: "Together we create hope and passion through meaningful learning that balances the unique needs of students, so all are inspired to achieve full potential."

Vision: "To become a dynamic and responsive community that provides a safe place to promote critical thinking, self-advocacy and respect for self and others."

Everitt Middle School

Everitt Middle School is located in Wheatridge, CO, and serves 7th-8th grade students in Jeffco Public Schools.

Mission Statement: Recognizing the unique intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of middle school students, the staff at Everitt Middle School will promote a shared responsibility in its focus on programs for the 7th and 8th grades by:

  • Providing students with a challenging, rigorous academic program that is aligned with state and district standards
  • Preparing students for high school and post secondary education
  • Guiding students to be independent workers and thinkers
  • Engendering social awareness and empathy for others
  • Teaching students to become responsible citizens
  • Instilling in each student respect for self and others
  • Moving students to be self-reliant and to possess self-esteem
  • Helping students to become autonomous learners
  • Modeling a dedicated work ethic for students
  • Offering students a variety of core and elective classes
  • Exposing students to a variety of age appropriate social and interpersonal activities
Englewood Leadership Academy

Englewood Leadership Academy in Englewood School District serves 6th-8th graders and is located on the Englewood High School campus. The Englewood Leadership Academy is a public middle school of choice. Students are provided an opportunity to explore their options for challenging course work focused on world-class international education through its candidate International Baccalaureate program. The small student to teacher ratio ensures that students are challenged to learn with a process oriented and individualized learning plan that best suits the needs of students. Leadership development and community service are also critical components of the ELA curriculum. The faculty, staff, students, and parents at ELA are committed to ensuring that the environment of the school is one of acceptance, cooperation and excellence. Englewood Leadership Academy students strive to realize their academic potential, take responsibility for their learning, and are inspired and determined to be their personal best.

Englewood Middle School

Established in 2007, Englewood Middle School in Englewood School District was created by merging the students and staffs of the former Flood and Sinclair Middle Schools in Englewood School District. It has developed into a caring community of 6th-8th graders, blending a sound academic curriculum with a strong elective program. Englewood Middle School staff understands student's complex needs at this important time in their lives and provides assistance to struggling students in core subjects throughout the day. Additionally, EMS offers a variety of electives in which a student can explore his or her interests as well.