2010 NSF GK-12 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference

Field Trips

Integrated Teachering & Learning Program and Laboratory

Location: Integrated Teaching & Learning Laboratory at University of Colorado, Boulder

Website: http://itll.colorado.edu/

Summary: The mission of the Integrated Teaching and Learning (ITL) Program is "to pioneer a multidisciplinary learning environment that integrates engineering theory with practice and promotes creative, team-oriented problem-solving skills." Program components include a first-year design and build course, experimental hands-on learning courses, design expos, and senior-design projects. Take a self-guided tour of the ITL Laboratory and see student flow-visualization art, hands-on exhibits, leading-edge test and measurement equipment.

Approximate Time Needed: At least 1 hour, but more if you get distracted by the interactive exhibits.

Directions from Denver

Contact to schedule visit: Jessica Feld, CU Boulder Project Manager. Email Jessica