2010 NSF GK-12 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference

Field Trips

Mountain Research Station

Location: Mountain Research Station, Boulder, CO

Website: http://www.colorado.edu/mrs/

Summary: The Mountain Research Station (MRS) is an interdisciplinary research facility of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, devoted to advancement of study of mountain ecosystems. Our mission is to facilitate research and education to better understand the unique patterns and processes of biotic and physical systems in mountains, and how environmental changes may influence these patterns and processes. See the facility, or take a hike in the beautiful mountains surrounding it.

Approximate Time Needed: Varies, but plan on at least 2 hours if you're doing a hike.

Directions from Denver: Take your preferred route from Denver to Boulder. From Boulder: go west on Route 119 (Canyon Blvd) to Nederland, approximately 18 miles. At Nederland, follow Route 72 west (heading north) toward Ward for approximately 7 miles. Turn left at the green University of Colorado Mountain Research Station sign. More information: http://www.colorado.edu/mrs/trans.html

Other comments: More transportation time will be needed to get to MRS due to its somewhat remote location (roughly an additional 40 minutes to drive from Boulder to MRS).

Contact to schedule visit: Jessica Feld, CU Boulder Project Manager. Email Jessica