2010 NSF GK-12 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference

Field Trips

NCAR Indoor Exhibits

Location: NCAR Indoor Exhibits, Boulder, CO

Website: http://www.ucar.edu/educ_outreach/visit/

Summary: The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) sits nestled against Boulder, Colorado's famous Flatirons and the foothills to the Rocky Mountains. NCAR's research helps to sustain Earth's habitability, improve environmental quality, safeguard human health, reduce the impacts of natural disasters, and increase economic productivity. Its Visitor Center offers educational exhibits, a daily noon tour, and a customizable tour by cell phone.

Approximate Time Needed: At least 2 hours

Directions from Denver: Take highway 36 to Boulder, get off at Table Mesa and go west until Table Mesa ends.

Contact to schedule visit: Jessica Feld, CU Boulder Project Manager. Email Jessica